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Villandry is a Renaissance Chateau  in a beautiful setting among three tiers of terraced gardens.

It was the last of the great Renaissance chateaux to be built on the banks of the Loire, and its architecture combines with gardens laid out on three levels, its best-known feature, in a happy marriage of beauty, diversity, and harmony.

The decorative kitchen garden has a profusion of colourful flowers and vegetables planted in a chequerboard plan. The effect of the seasonal variations is an ever-changing three-dimensional picture. In the ornamental garden, the box hedges form musical symbols, but pride of place is given to hearts, scrolls, butterflies, fans … allegories of love  – tender, passionate, fickle and tragic. The water garden is the most tranquil:  here the pool takes centre stage, with the sound of the fountains and the great lawned spaces bringing visitors a feeling of calm and tranquillity. This is the most peaceful garden you could find, ideal for relaxing or just dreaming!  The sun garden, lending itself to dreaming. Perennials, rosebushes, shrubs, orange and blue-colored grasses can all be found flowering here from April to October. The site is completed by the herb garden, with its medicinal and culinary plants, and the arboured maze, where adults and children love to lose themselves. Villandry has been in the Carvallo family since 1906. It was Joachim Carvallo, a Spaniard,  and his American wife, Ann Coleman, who created the gardens around 1910. The castle, which was refurbished in the 18th century, has recently been restored. This is a friendly, family home, where every room tells the story of an era, thanks to its furniture and careful decoration.

Chateau de Villandry
3 rue Principale
37510 Villandry


©Jardin Majorelle

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