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Gardens are a living form of art, which condenses time and space. From ancient times to contemporary gardens, from castles to roof terrace, here is a selection of the most inspiring places in the world. Where love for art meets love for nature. The project is growing every day.

Great Gardens
of the World

About Great Gardens of the World

Great Gardens of the World is a worldwide network of international gardens, garden designers and landscape architects, ranging from China to America, from Russia to Australia. It aims to be a source of inspiration for a new generations of garden lovers and designers, a place where ideas and motivation can be found easily.

"The great challenge for the garden designer is not to make the garden look natural, but to make the garden so that the people in it will feel natural." – Lawrence Halprin

Gardens have become a modern agora, where people meet and mix. It’s the formidable use of space, that makes for such diversity in modern garden design. ​

Historical Gardens

Places where the history of art of Gardens was made, a ‘must see’ on any garden lovers list. These gardens cover many centuries in 20 Countries of the world.


Follies are decorative garden structures, ranging from miniature buildings to towers, Chinese pagodas or even battlements completely out of context.

Drottningholm Palace Garden

Drottningholm Palace, a royal residence since the 1660s, stands on surroundings exceptionally well-preserved. The Park is open all year round. Garden voyeurs will explore a formal baroque garden, an idyllic English garden, and intimate arbours at the eye-popping Chinese Pavilion.

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Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

Marqueyssac’s romantic and picturesque gardens – a listed National Historical Monument that surrounds an early 19th century château with its flagstone roof, known as lauze – offer over six kilometres of pathways amongst 150,000 century-old, hand-pruned Boxwoods.

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Helmingham Gardens Hall

Helmingham Hall with its wide moat and ancient deer park has been the home of the Tollemache family since it was built in 1487. The gardens were laid out in 1510, with the walls introduced in 1740. The garden moat, of Saxon origin, encloses the entire formal garden.

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