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Gardens are a living form of art, which condenses time and space. From ancient times to contemporary gardens, from castles to roof terrace, here is a selection of the most inspiring places in the world. Where love for art meets love for nature. The project is growing every day.
Discover the garden of the month: The Highgrove Gardens
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About Great Gardens of the World

Great Gardens of the World is a worldwide network of international gardens, garden designers and landscape architects, ranging from China to America, from Russia to Australia. It aims to be a source of inspiration for a new generations of garden lovers and designers, a place where ideas and motivation can be found easily.

"The great challenge for the garden designer is not to make the garden look natural, but to make the garden so that the people in it will feel natural." – Lawrence Halprin

Gardens have become a modern agora, where people meet and mix. It’s the formidable use of space, that makes for such diversity in modern garden design. ​

Historical Gardens

Places where the history of art of Gardens was made, a ‘must see’ on any garden lovers list. These gardens cover many centuries in 20 Countries of the world.


Follies are decorative garden structures, ranging from miniature buildings to towers, Chinese pagodas or even battlements completely out of context.

Kjeld Slot

The 7000 square meter Ellipsehaverne, is one of the largest private garden projects in Denmark in recent years. It has been the private laboratory of visual artist Kjeld Slot ever since his beginning of a career as a professional landscape architect in 2004.

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Highgrove Gardens

The Prince of Wales came to Highgrove in 1980 and the house and gardens have since undergone many thoughtful innovations. When His Royal Highness first arrived, Highgrove possessed little more than a neglected kitchen garden, an overgrown copse, some pastureland and a few hollow oaks.

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The Villa Reale in Marlia

The Villa Reale in Marlia, with early medieval origins, was the residence of noble families and great art patrons who made it a true masterpiece of landscape over the centuries.

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