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Rado and Great Gardens of the World

Timeless Nature, an eternal design.

The wild spontaneity of Nature — its organic, sometimes dramatic forms, textures and colours, have forever kindled human creativity. Nature’s majesty and power over us all has shaped the human psyche through the ages, with that potent mixture of awe and respect that feeds the highest creative process.


Rado’s partnership with Grandi Giardini Italiani, begun in 2017, brought their shared interests neatly together, and provided an excellent opportunity to extend Rado’s True Thinline product into the True Thinline Nature collection.


Showcasing Rado’s mastery of materials, the new line highlighted their superb skill in high-tech ceramics in a variety of shades and colours, to celebrate the Earth and Nature.


The collection was extended in 2021, with three models aptly-named Rado True x Great Gardens of the World, which joined the supreme technical execution of the early series, with breathtaking new design accents—oak leaves, jasmine flowers, mother-of-pearl and gorgeous high-tech ceramic case colours.


The latest in the series arrive under the evocative name “The Four Seasons”. The four new models restate Rado’s expertise in coloured high-tech ceramics, alongside innovative sapphire-crystal production technics.


Each of the four models wears a different colour, from subtle to vivid, next to a unique, facetted watch glass to match the season. True to the eternal cycles of nature, the new models keep precise and reliable time, thanks to a Rado R420 quartz movement, with a two-hand display and 13 jewels.


Through the partnership between Rado and Great Gardens of the World, a delightful occasion has arisen, to bring together their shared interest in design, beauty and nature at its best.

Rado True Thinline x Great Gardens of the World
“The Four Seasons” – Chapter 4


The first timepiece is the herald of springtime. With its polished rose-coloured high-tech ceramic case, it speaks of blossoms returning, with a magnificent flower-facetted sapphire crystal.


It prolongs the theme with a subtle gradient from silver to light pink on its dial, a rose-coloured flange and the Rado logo printed in dark grey.


Like the others in the Four Seasons series, it is water-resistant to 3 bar (30 m). The bracelet is a polished, matching creation in rose-coloured high-tech ceramic, always a delight to touch.

Rado True Thinline x Great Gardens of the World “The Four Seasons” – Chapter 5


The next model is an unabashed celebration of summer, in jubilant spirit. The monobloc high-tech ceramic case wears yellow, complemented by a dial with a silver-to-yellow sunshine gradient behind a sun-facetted sapphire crystal.


Its crown and bracelet are also high-tech ceramic, this time in sunshine yellow to match the case and the dial flange.


A titanium triple-fold clasp and a case back with a sapphire crystal digitally printed with “GREAT GARDENS OF THE WORLD” and the timepiece’s chapter number, complete the feature set, as also found on the other models.

Rado True Thinline x Great Gardens of the World “The Four Seasons” – Chapter 6


Autumn brings a pensive, deep-olive-green shade to the smooth monobloc high-tech ceramic case, crown and bracelet.


It speaks of a forthcoming rest beneath the swirling leaves and blustery wind. Its leaf-facetted sapphire crystal protects a dial with a silver-to-olive-green gradient, an olive-green flange and a dark-grey Rado logo.


Inside, the same reliable R420 quartz movement that equips the others in the series.

Rado True Thinline x Great Gardens of the World “The Four Seasons” – Chapter 7


Winter peacefully concludes the Four Seasons, with its promise of rebirth after a time of rest.


Serene and regal in white high-tech ceramic, the polished monobloc case, crown and bracelet carry the same peaceful mood enveloping the timepiece, behind its snowflake-facetted sapphire crystal.


A cool white flange surrounds the silver-coloured dial and its dark-grey logo, while the R420 quartz movement keeps time, reliably and precisely, awaiting the return of spring. High-tech ceramic is lightweight and smooth but in white, it produces an even more sensuous feel—totally unforgettable.

Rado True Thinline x Great Gardens of the World “The Four Seasons” – Collector’s Box


For a full appreciation of the entire cycle, the Four Seasons series is also available in a handsome, limited-edition (150 pieces) collector’s box, home and shelter to all four timepieces, to be selected according to the season or the wearer’s mood.


Each timepiece is a true celebration of Nature and its seasons—that sacred, eternal rhythm to our human lives.

Timeless Nature, an eternal design.

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