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Rado and Great Gardens of the World

Timeless Nature, an eternal design.

The wild spontaneity of Nature — its organic, sometimes dramatic forms, textures and colours, have forever kindled human creativity. Nature’s majesty and power over us all has shaped the human psyche through the ages, with that potent mixture of awe and respect that feeds the highest creative process.

Rado’s partnership with Grandi Giardini Italiani, begun in 2017, brought their shared interests neatly together, and provided an excellent opportunity to extend Rado’s True Thinline product into the True Thinline Nature collection.

Showcasing Rado’s mastery of materials, the new line highlighted their superb skill in high-tech ceramics in a variety of shades and colours, to celebrate the Earth and Nature.

Spontaneous and ever-changing, Nature has been sparking human creativity and talent in every field since the beginning of time. When Rado and the Great Gardens of the World organisation started their collaboration, as an opportunity to unite their appreciation of outstanding design and beauty, a whole new range of textures and shapes found their way into Rado’s watchmaking work. Elements from the organic world enhanced the creativity of talented watch designers.

The latest series of timepieces from this inspired collaboration pulls exquisite natural motifs from three quite-different plants into stunningly original dial designs. Each was chosen for the individual timepiece to match the mood and shade of its True Thinline monobloc high-tech ceramic case, in black, white or plasma grey. The plants selected — the Hawaiian Loulu Lelo, the Chilean Araucaria and the Yemeni Dragon Blood Tree — all presently on the endangered species list, bring sensuality and a lovely visual rhythm to the individual designs.

Through the partnership between Rado and Great Gardens of the World, a delightful occasion has arisen, to bring together their shared interest in design, beauty and nature at its best.

Chapter 8


Native to the Hawaiian Islands, the Loulu Lelo is a captivating palm with fan-shaped leaves and a slender trunk. Chapter 8 recalls the pleasing and intricate pattern of the leaves, conveying the plant’s mystery and elegance. The box-shaped sapphire crystal guards the dial with a pleated structure, symbolising Loulu Lelo’s unique leaves, and the gold-coloured Rado logo enhances the watch’s elegance. 

Chapter 9


Considered one of the oldest tree species on Earth, the Araucaria tree stands out for its majestic and symmetrical shape. Chapter 9 recreates its spiky, triangle-shaped leaves through an engraved white mother-of-pearl dial. Showcasing a monobloc case and bracelet in high-tech ceramic, the model recalls the endurance of the Araucaria tree. The smooth contours of high-tech ceramic, sensuous and palpable in white, give the watch a rare allure.

Chapter 10


Endemic to the Socotra archipelago in Yemen, the Dragon Tree Blood features a striking umbrella-like crown of dense, thick branches. Evoking its legendary essence through a timepiece requires extreme know-how and patience. The mystical silhouette of the Dragon Blood tree is majestically depicted across Chapter 10’s dial. The two-layer dial features a rose-gold-coloured backplate and a skeletonised top layer, cut out in organic shapes reminiscent of the three’s unique and intertwined branches.

Collector’s box

Rado True Thinline x Great Gardens of the World – Collector’s box Chapters 8, 9 and 10 of this new Rado “Great Gardens of the World” product line are available individually or as a trio in a special collector’s display-box edition, limited to 99 units.

Timeless Nature, an eternal design.

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