Rikugien Gardens
© Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association
Stanze in Fiore di Canalicchio
©Rossella Pezzino
Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens
Photo credits: TBC

Landscape Architects

Designing gardens implies many skills, but above all creativity. Here you will find a selection of landscape architects that we believe will be of inspiration. Be they Australians like Paul Bangay, Chinese like Kongjian Yu, British like Dan Pearson or Italian like Patrizia Pozzi; ideas will come from all around the globe. We will sweep virtually across the world introducing you to talented garden designers who work locally or abroad. The criteria of selection is totally independent with direct links to individual websites so that you can have up to date information on projects. Discover Landscape architects that reinvent space, enhance the beauty of nature and create meeting places where man meets nature. Many are trend setters, others invent spectacular colour combinations with plants, some have a great sense of structure and a few include modern art. Every designer will suggest a garden to visit, a garden that has in turn inspired their work, a connection to the History of Garden Design that goes back centuries, far before it became a recognized profession.


Landscape designers often find the way to break away from tradition, even if their cultural roots are bedded in the past. The amazing contribution of modern garden design is to interpret how we relate to plants and our landscape. Recent generations no longer have the ambition or presumption to dominate nature, appreciating it as one of the most precious dimensions of our existence on earth. Today aesthetics is just as important as wellbeing; a garden is often seen as an out door space to live in. Some of the finest designs one can find in gardens funded by county councils or foundations. Gardens have become a modern agora, where people meet and mix. It is the formidable use of space, be it on a roof top on an ex river bed or merely in a city centre, that makes for such diversity in modern garden design. This section is dedicated to designers so very different one from the other, from so many walks of life and different countries, but every one of them has been selected for the very special creativity they express. Our special thanks for sharing their projects with us all. 

Discover these great gardens of the world

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

First notice about the place where now stands Shinjuku Garden dates back to 1590. Formerly a private mansion, owned by a feudal lord, Shinjuku Gyoen was then completed in 1906 as an imperial garden. After Second World War the garden was re-designated as a national park.

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Scape Design

After establishing a reputation for community and Hospital gardens in London, James and Helen moved to the South of France and set up Scape Design sarl in 2000 in order to pursue their passion for creating sustainable landscapes and planting design for private clients.

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Safdie Architects – Jewel Changi Airport

Project Jewel, a mixed-use complex at Singapore’s Changi Airport, combines the marketplace and the garden in a new typology.

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