Courtesy Simon Griffiths




Stonefields is a large scale country garden belonging to the garden designer Paul Bangay. The garden covers 3-4 acres of a total site of nearly 50 acres, with the balance being park landscape of grazing British white cattle and collection of oak trees. The main garden has been created on the edge of a grass covered hill with views down a magnificent rural valley. The style of garden is classic modern with all ornamentation based on sculpture of endemic flora.

The layout of the garden is heavily influenced by the philosophy of Italian hill villas and gardens, with formal gardens flanking the entrance to the villa and a spectacular lawned garden containing a pool hugging the hill on the view side of villa. Plantings involve a juxtaposition of formal box hedges and shapes sitting with soft romantic herbaceous perennials. Water features heavily in the garden as a rill that runs the entire length of the garden punctuated with square ponds of water iris and spitting bronze black snakes. The latest addition is a walled rose garden in dramatic deeper tones. The garden is very much a work in progress and is deeply personal to Paul’s design philosophies.

Stonefields The Farmhouse
10/10 Belty Dr, Denver VIC
3461, Australia
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