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Radicepura is a horticultural park inspired by the Faro family’s dream, particularly of Mr. Venerando Faro’s, who makes available to everyone his historical experience in international floriculture with his private collection.

A life dedicated to the nursery and care of the Mediterranean landscape enriching the collection of rare plants with landscape and artistic installations, aiming to enhance the immense botanical heritage of 50 years of intense work. The garden is celebrated here not only for its aesthetic and cultural value, but also for its role of ideal place where one can gaze at the beauty, in this case the Sicilian Territory. The horticultural park’s goal is to show to the world the limitless potential of a unique land with particular climate conditions, a rich and productive land on both regional and cultural levels.

The park is located under the shadow of Etna where fertile soil has allowed the proliferation of more than 3,000 species, making a total of 5,000 plant varieties. The park with a capacity of 5 hectares, is self-sufficient so far regarding energy and water supplies thanks to the most innovative and eco- friendly technology. To embellish the park the “Palace” seat of the Radicepura foundation and the “Palmento”, jewel of industrial archaeology, where the famous wine of Etna was produced and set for the film by Francis Ford Coppola “The Godfather II”. Finally there is the “Greenhouse” where are kept tropical plants including a specimen of Ravenala madagascariensis and a Cyathea australis.

Radicepura Garden Festival is held in this wonderful setting and it is the first international event for garden design and landscape architecture within the Mediterranean basin that will gather young designers, institutions and important names of landscaping and architecture field is held every two years. The theme of the current edition is “Productive Gardens”, featuring twelve gardens created by landscape designers from all over the world, among them Andy Sturgeon and Antonio Perazzi, that have been added to the permanent installations by James Basson, Michel Péna and François Abelanet.

Via Antonio Fogazzaro, 19
95014 Giarre (CT)

All visits must be booked in advance by phone or e-mail.

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