PERADENIYa BotanicAL Gardens

Sri Lanka

This garden was established in 1821 for the receipt and experimentation of plants introduced for economic and environmental development. Currently the garden is engaged in activities related to authentication, ethno-botany, floriculture and primarily ex-situ conservation of plants. However its history dates back to the 14th century when Royalty ruled the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It was a Royal Gardens from 1780 – 1798.

The gardens are home to a large and diverse variety of plants especially including endemics and species extinct in the wild. This 60 ha land at an elevation of 460 mt. above sea level in Peradeniya includes 4000 plant species. The gardens occupy a horse- shoes shapes peninsula around which flows the chief and longest river of Sri Lanka the Mahawali River.

The scenic splendor of the garden is highlighted by flourishing growth of huge tropical trees in its arboretum, flower garden with a colourful ribbon border and the Mahawali River that flows around its fringes. Prime attractions within the gardens frequented by visitor include the Orchid House with more than 300 varieties of exquisite Orchids blooming in profusion.

The memorial collection consists of trees planted by eminent persons including heads of states, state guests, astronauts and royalty during their official visits to the gardens. The Palm collection is among the best in Asia with about 220 species. Other attractions are the great lawn, spice gardens, Palm avenues, plant house and Cacti display, lake and flowering trees.

These gardens receive considerable rainfall both during the South West and North East monsoons and hence are lush and verdant throughout the year. Three seasons are earmarked as April to June, August to September and December when most visitors fill the gardens and flowering is at its peak.

Peradeniya Botanical Garden
Peradeniya Rd, Kandy

Sri Lanka

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