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Las Dueñas


Las Dueñas Palace, considered a great historical garden, is home to the richness offered by the Andalusian soil to a variety of floral species. Plants and trees have been brought here from all over the world, and now make up the lovely garden we can contemplate here.
As we stroll through the many courtyards and gardens, we can see a Cassine Orientalis or false olive tree, the only one of its kind in this city; an example of Justicia carnea, native to South America with pink blossoms and found in many historical gardens; and the great Ficus macrophylla tree standing next to the pool. Gardens with a premeditated wild structure and certain Islamic and Renaissance styles from the 15th and 16th centuries and modernist. All of these are examples of this grandiose garden that brings together the characteristics offered by this singular palace.

The famous poet Antonio Machado wrote about its lemon tree courtyard as an unforgettable memory of his childhood in this Palace.
The gardens at Las Dueñas are just one more of the treasures that make up this unique palace. Their upkeep requires quite a lot of effort, as they are cared for daily. The soil is raked, revealing the yellowish tone so typical of Seville.
Springtime is an explosion of light, color and fragrances, and the finest flowers blossom: roses, geraniums, calla lilies, clivias among numerous flower plants. Plumbago, Jacaranda, Pacific, Brachichito, Tree of Love, Hackberry, Angel’s Trumpets, Chinese Plum, Pear, citrus, Bamboo, Lantana, Cypress or Laurel, among many other species.
It is an impressive sight when you enter Las Dueñas and are met with the sight of bougainvillea climbing up the wall of the palace’s main facade, showing off its spectacular colorful blooms.

Las Dueñas 
Calle Dueñas, 5, 41003 Sevilla


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