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Located on the french shores of the Lake Geneva, The Garden of Five Senses is a vegetal case inspired by Middle Ages. On the heart of Yvoire, medieval village, Yves and Anne-Monique d’Yvoire have thought their garden according with the symbolism of mazes.

Hedges of hornbeam and trellised apple trees surround gardens with evocative names: Garden of Fragrances, Garden of Taste, Cloister, Alpine Meadow…

The structure of the labyrinth is reminiscent of the romantic and poetic atmosphere of medieval gardens where everyone searches for an intimate and personal way. Senses are awaked with more than 1500 varieties of plant : roses with long flowering, forgotten vegetables and edible curiosities, medicinal or legendary plants, foliages with amazing textures, collection of fragrant plants…

A quest for permanent diversity led by a team of passionate gardeners who are happy to share their know-how.

More than a garden with flowers, this project is a tribute to the richness of the plant world where humans get back to the green world. Open each year from april to the beginning of october the Garden of Five Senses evolves according to the season, the days and the hours.

Certified as « Jardin Remarquable » by French Culture Ministry and listed amoung the Most Beautiful Gardens of France.

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