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Hamilton Gardens

New Zealand
Hamilton Gardens is a living museum that tells a story of cultures and civilisations through beautiful, inspiring, and iconic gardens. From Ancient Egypt to the Concept Garden, you will travel across continents, slide through centuries, and stroll through history as never before. Each beautiful garden is a piece of history that celebrates the ideas and beliefs of its age. You will enter a world of imagination, exploration, beauty, and inspiration. There is always something new to discover, uncover, and explore. With more than 1.1 million visitors a year, Hamilton Gardens is Hamilton, New Zealand’s number one tourist attraction – and unlike any other public garden in the world. Explore our magical Enclosed Garden collections.

Paradise collection

The six Paradise Gardens reflect the different ways cultures have sought to create a garden paradise on earth. These are gardens that evoke tranquillity, awaken contemplation, and celebrate the beauty of creation and the human imagination. 

Indian Char Bagh Garden, Italian Renaissance Garden, Japanese Garden of Contemplation, Chinese Scholars’ Garden, English Flower Garden, Modernist Garden 


Fantasy Collection

Each of our Fantasy Gardens takes inspiration from one of the arts and is a celebration of fantasy and creativity in garden design. These are gardens that will ignite your imagination. 

Surrealist Garden, Picturesque Garden, Tudor Garden, Tropical Garden, Chinoiserie Garden, Concept Garden, Mansfield Garden 


Productive Garden Collection

Since the first seeds of agriculture gardeners have grown plants for food, medicine, cosmetics, and religious uses. Our Productive Gardens will take you from the sacred plants of Ancient Egypt to a Waikato backyard full of healthy homegrown kai. 

Te Parapara Garden, Ancient Egyptian Garden, Sustainable Backyard, Kitchen Garden 

Other gardens include Roger’s Rose Garden, Hammond Camellia Garden, Victoria Flower Garden, Rhododendron Lawn, Bossaso Woodland, Valley Walk and Echo Bank Bush 

Hamilton Gardens
Hungerford Crescent
Cobham Drive SH1
New Zealand

The Enclosed Gardens (themed gardens) are open 9am to 5pm daily (last entry at 4.30pm). The wider parkland areas of the gardens are open

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