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Located in the heights of Sarlat-la-Canéda in the Dordogne, Eyrignac and its gardens full of greenery, water and flowers charm visitors all year round. The gardens of Eyrignac have not always been the subtle blend of French rigour and bucolic sweetness we discover today when wandering the grass lawn paths. Having belonged to the same family for 22 generations, this site has known various styles of garden, including one of the first French formal gardens, replaced in the 19th century by an English landscape garden.

The spectacular Allée des Vases is designed like a plant gallery which opens and ends with two green rooms, with one being decorated by compass rose and the other by circular boxwood embroidery enhanced by four spiral topiary features. After that, there is the French formal flowerbed with its boxwood arabesques which can be admired from the first floor of the Manor. Finally, the Allée des Charmes, 100 metres long and lined with refined plant sculptures mixing spirals of hornbeam and cylinders of yew. On both sides, the Allée des Charmes boasts an apple orchard planted in staggered rows and has the effect of softening the harshness of the views with the roundness of their pruning in a ball of foliage, echoing the roundness of the red fruits themselves. Furthering the work of his father, Patrick Sermadiras then created the Jardin Blanc which owes its name to the white flowers highlighting the paths as well as the white climbing roses. Four rustic environments in shimmering colours are a more recent addition: the Jardin des Sources, the Potager, and the Jardin Fleuriste.

Les Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac
24590 Salignac-Eyvigues
Dordogne – Périgord


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