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In 2010, the Tree Museum officially opens its doors to visitors. It is created in a beautiful park of 75,000 square meters on the Obersee in Rapperswil-Jona, near Zurich. It shows a large number of trees selected from the collection of Swiss landscape architect and the collector of trees world famous Enzo Enea.

In a series of open spaces, Enea shows his appreciation for the tree, using it as object-space, creating a world that demonstrates his unique aesthetics, sustainability, history and the vital function, always with due respect.


The collection of trees is composed solely of species of local climate zone.

In the museum there are over 50 trees and more than 25 species, some of which are over 100 years old and, therefore, create an aura of immortality. A further 100 trees and plants are located in a park surrounding the Tree Museum. Throughout the system Enea Landscape Architecture there are over 3000 shrubs Enea has col- lected over the last 20 years.


Sculptures by contemporary artists are alongside the trees, taking the old idea of combining art and nature to make them blend together. The Enzo Enea’s Museum of the Tree has implemented for the first time his vision and enabled him, for the first time, to carefully combine landscape, botany, architecture, art and design.

It’s not only landscape architects and landscape architecture that inspire me, but shapes, colors, proportions of various origin. If I had to pick one landscape architect though, it would be Capability Brown. He was so well known for his capabilities at that time, that he is not remembered by his given name Lance Brown, but by his surname Capability Brown. I admire his work for many reasons but foremost his capability to integrate a house within its surroundings. Also, his way to create a garden by taking trees out of a forest instead of planting the ones needed is remarkable.

My grandfather’s garden in Italy. I will never forget the smell of the herbs, the taste of the fruits and the sun-drenched earth underneath my feet. The experience to work with nature, to read it, to understand it, to cultivate it, was life changing. With my work I try to pass on this feeling.


Tree Museum

The tree museum and sculpture park offer a unique experience for both garden lovers and for those interested in art. With the museum, Enzo Enea has accomplished his vision of combining landscape, botany, art, architecture and design. 

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