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Anthony Wyer didn’t start his career in landscape design. Instead, a background in structural landscaping afforded him the ability to understand how things work, or don’t work when it comes to design. It wasn’t until working alongside mentor Will Dangar, that he was exposed to what can be described as ‘simply great design’ – a value and passion brought through to the establishment of his own practice in 2005. Fifteen years later, Wyer & Co. has grown organically with a team of 30 engaged in design, construction, and maintenance. Working alongside the nation’s leading architects, interior designers, and property developers, the practice is responsible for some of Sydney’s premium landscapes including a harbourside property in Bellevue Hill and a dramatic rainforest-likegarden in Vaucluse.

“It starts with exceptional design,” says Wyer, “each landscape is taken on its own merit ensuring it sits comfortably as an extension of home and environment.” When asked what style of garden he enjoys working on most, Wyer says, “I really enjoy what we’re doing now – a considered mix of exotics, natives and succulents. It takes a lot of experience to get the balance and combination of plants right.” For Wyer, the transformation is the most rewarding “seeing the garden thrive and people enjoy the space – showing it off to their friends and neighbours.” But he also enjoys creating a nurturing environment for the staff; creating good jobs and seeing people do well. Today,Wyer is focused on the future of the practice, sharing knowledge and encouraging a space to foster new ideas.

Will Dangar. I was fortunate enough to work alongside Will in the early stages of my career. A great mentor and a great friend It was here that I was exposed to what I can only describe as great design; a sophisticated approach that anchored my desire to work in the space.

If I had to pick one, it would be the Botanical Gardens in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. As a landscape designer, travel offers endless inspiration. For every country I have visited, I have been influenced in a different way – be it by symmetry and intricate detail or by barren, open coast lines – there is always something to be learnt by experiencing new places and how they make you feel.


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